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Established in 1989, Trendset International, Pte., Ltd. has been producing top quality exotic leather of the highest standard in the industry, they include Stingray skins, Crocodile skins, lizard skins, Shark skins, Python Snakes skins, Karung snakes skins, and other reptiles skins. Our Company specialized in Producing, designing, manufacturing, whole selling, and exporting raw leather and leather related products, such as: handbags, wallets, belts, etc... >>>>


TRENDSET INT'L PTE LTD specializes in producing, designing, manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting raw leathers and leather-related products such as: handbags, wallets and belts.

The variety of leathers are found in some tropical areas of Indonesia and they include Stingray Skins, Crocodile Skins, Lizard Skins, Shark Skins, Python Snake Skins, Karung Snake Skins, .... >>>>
Trendset International Pte. Ltd