PRODUCT - Stingray


Fast Fact:

Type : Fish

Diet : Carnivore

Average life span in the wild : 15 to 25 years

Size : up to 6.5 ft (2m)

Weight : Up to 790 lbs (350 kg)

Did you know?

*Ancient Greek dentist used the venom from stingray's spine as an anesthetic





As one of the top leading in exotic leather tannery industry, we proud to say that stingray skins are one of our specialty. We committed to high quality production through all step and stages in our production line. Thanks to our professional production line, we are able to add new designs and colors every month. Now, We have more than 2,000 single colors leather and more than 6,000 custom printed design just for Stingrays leather.

We also receive any custom printed design to match your personality and style.

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Our Stingray ( Shagreen ) leather variaty:

Product details:

Size of the Finished Skins : 5" - 16"up

Finishing :

  • Natural / Bumpy
  • Buffed
  • Sanded / divolished
  • Hand Painted
  • Two-tone
  • Metallic
  • Hologram

Minimum orders : 200 pcs (Depend on size)

Cites : No need

Our range of market : We shipped Internationally, almost in every country.

Price and design : Please contact us

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